Supreme Values Merchant Programs

Supreme Values is a system of local web portals that allow loyal customers to stay in touch with local merchants through permission driven email offers. Data collection, data input, a merchant website, e-mail programs, targeted twitter, real time statistics, and membership on the local web portal are included in the package which is sold at a low monthly fee.

Merchants collect email addresses from existing customers with the promise of receiving updates and special offers. These emails are entered into the merchant's private database by the local dealer. The local dealer assists the merchant in putting together branded email updates or newsletters including offers to encourage repeat and referral business on a monthly basis.

Supreme Values dealers also send out weekly community updates which result in cross marketing opportunities for all the members on the local portal and on their individual websites. Merchants in programs like this across the country report an excellent ROI and value for their advertising dollar.

 Why Do Local Merchants Love Supreme Values?

  •  Supreme Values provides local merchants with an inexpensive way to communicate directly to their loyal customers.
  •  Supreme Values is permission based email marketing so loyal customers specifically request the information.
  •  Supreme Values is extremely cost effective and has a much higher ROI than print advertising.
  •  Supreme Values dealers do everything for the Merchant so they can concentrate on what they do best and that is running their business.
  •  Supreme Values gives the Merchant an active presence on the web.
  •  Supreme Values helps local Merchants retain customers.
  •  Supreme Values keep customers coming back in more often to make purchases.
  •  Supreme Values helps Merchants connect with new local customers.
  •  Supreme Values develops and helps build Merchant branding. 
  •  Supreme Values increases foot traffic in neighborhood shopping areas.
  •  Supreme Values saves time, lowers monthly marketing costs, and increases merchant sales.

For more information about how Supreme Values can help build your business give us a call at 847-550-1444.

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